The Top Five SEO Mistakes Made By Companies Online

Ten years ago very few businesses would have even heard the phrase Search Engine SEOOptimization. Nowadays, however, if you’re running a business that has an online presence you cant possibly ignore it. So here are some of the most common errors people make with their websites:

1. Not keeping up to date with changes

You must have an SEO strategy in place for your on-line marketing. But it must be regularly reviewed and updated as the search engines change their algorithms for ranking websites. Your strategy cannot remain static. From April this year Google made it clear that it would favor mobile friendly sites, as so many of us use our mobile devices to search the internet for information, or to shop. Keep your eyes peeled for the next major change that will affect your website and keep up to date, to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Inefficient and ineffective design

A poorly designed website that doesn’t flow, that potential customers find difficult to navigate around and is not fit for purpose, is a waste of money. Your designers must understand what it is you are trying to achieve and ensure they produce the relevant goods, otherwise you might as well not bother because people wont be drawn to it, wont stay on it and wont come back. It is as important as the interior and exterior design of a physical shop, or office. Make sure it gets to the point quick. If your message is to gain enquiries, make that the goal.

3. Badly written copy

Copy that is poorly written, with bad spelling and grammar; or copy that is merely copied from another website; or copy that is duplicated across your own website, looks highly unprofessional and affects the impression people have of your company and its goods and services. Keywords are essential if you want people to find your site but copy that is too dense in keywords is clunky and does not read well and will put potential customers off. This tactic is long gone and stuffing loads of key words into a website is more likely to get the site penalised in some way.

4. Duplicating meta tags

Many database-driven websites all carry duplicate meta data such as title tags and descriptions due to poor content management system (CMS) setup. By installing a plugin or having custom formats for dynamic database-driven pages this mistake can be overcome.

5. Not using analytics to ensure your website is working

It’s pointless having a website if you don’t regularly check to see how it is being used and by whom to make sure it is working as well as it should be for your business. Analytics’s highlight areas that could be improved upon and therefore bring in more customers, or keep them on the site longer so that they spend more.

If you are serious about SEO and its important to rank your site then don’t try quick fixes. Do things the right way. Spend money on a reputable marketing company and make a site that is interesting and direct to your goals. Below is a great video from the experts at where you can find loads of great tips on doing SEO the right way.